Assassination of JFK: Even the Owner of the Texas School Books Depository Was Connected to Clay Shaw’s Centro Mondiale Commerciale

Paz Marverde
8 min readJun 19, 2022


As we know, Jim Garrison, the New Orleans DA, reopened the investigation on the assassination of JFK and incriminated Clay Shaw. Garrison discovered that Shaw was a member of Centro Mondiale Commerciale, an Italian company. Thanks to Michele Metta, an Italian historian who was able to acquire the company papers of Centro Mondiale Commerciale, we are now fully aware that, in reality, the CMC was a CIA front also full of members of the far-right Freemasonry, the NATO stay-behind network, and the Mossad — one of the latter was Gershon Peres, brother of Shimon Peres, President of Israel and political father of Dimona, the research centre to develop the atomic arsenal of Israel despite the opposition of President Kennedy. It also emerges that Byrd, the owner of the Texas School Books Depository, the location where Lee Oswald was accused of having fired from on that fatal day, November 22, 1963, was connected to the CMC. In this excerpt from Metta’s book, Accomplishing Jim Garrison’s Investigation on the Trail of the Assassins of JFK, this connection is explained. Courtesy of Michele Metta. All rights reserved. Don’t forget to buy the book, available on Amazon.


The relationship existing between the Centro Mondiale Commerciale and Israel is close to the point that it even involves the location where Lee Oswald was accused of having fired from on that fatal day, November 22, 1963. Let’s immediately see exactly in which way.

The owner of this building and, consequently, the same one who rented it to the Texas School Books Depository, the company that operated from there and employed Oswald, was David H. Byrd. This ultra-conservative magnate was a very close friend of JFK’s sworn enemies, including H. L. Hunt, [1] the entrepreneur whose ties with the shooting of the 35th President of the United States we have already exposed.

Exactly like H. L. Hunt, David H. Byrd owed his wealth to oil properties; but also — this is the key point — to uranium. [2] However, since 1956, the controlling interest of his empire, Byrd Oil, was translated into other hands, [3] those of A. M. Abernethy, as crystal-clearly explained in detail by an appreciated weekly business newspaper of that time, The Commercial and Financial Chronicle, that so wrote:

On April 27, 1956, Alan M. Abernethy of Toronto, Canada, and Senator James J. Crisona, of New York City, New York, consummated the purchase of control of this corporation from Col. D. Harold Byrd, of Dallas, Texas, for an undisclosed price. Upon completion of the acquisition, Mr. Abernethy was elected President of the company, and Col. Byrd was elected Chairman of the Board.

Because of David H. Byrd’s declaration in 1955 that Byrd Uranium Corp. was “a wholly owned subsidiary of Byrd Oil Corp,” [4] it means that also the Byrd Oil’s uranium branch passed into A. M. Abernethy’s hands.

What is key is that A. M. Abernethy was under Israeli control, because, since 1953, he did operate under an Israeli license, which he got thanks to another top Jew, Arie Ben-Tovim, who became his business partner. [5]

Arie Ben-Tovim was, first of all, a former prominent diplomat. He had served as the Israeli Consul in Montreal in the biennium 1949–50, and in New York City in the biennium 1951–52. [6] But the most relevant fact is that Arie Ben-Tovim was also a member of Centro Mondiale Commerciale.

This long series of connections is even more astonishing as soon as juxtaposed with what revealed by Sol Estes, [7] who was a whistleblower belonging to a privileged circle of friends making up the cream of Dallas’s most powerful individuals. Sol Estes declared that Byrd was actually involved in the conspiracy against John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Besides, David H. Byrd was a co-founder of the Civil Air Patrol. [8] In 1993, Frontline, an eminent program of investigative journalism aired by the Public Broadcasting Service, had got an astonishing group photograph. This image, taken eight years before the assassination of John Kennedy, showed Lee Oswald and David Ferrie together at a cookout with other Civil Air Patrol cadets. PBS then released this explicating statement: [9]

[We] obtained this photograph from John B. Ciravolo, Jr., of New Orleans. Ciravolo was also a C.A.P. member in 1955 and says he was in the same unit with Oswald and was standing right in front of him in the photo. Ciravolo identified David Ferrie, while former C.A.P. cadet Tony Atzenhoffer, also of New Orleans, identified Oswald and Ferrie in the photograph, and Colin Hammer, who says he served with both men in the C.A.P., also identified both in the photograph.

FRONTLINE located the photographer, Chuck Frances, who says he took the picture for the C.A.P. Francis also said that when he was interviewed by the FBI, he told them Oswald and Ferrie knew each other, but he did not tell them about the photograph.

David Ferrie, as already explained in this book, was a close associate of Clay Shaw. Because of this closeness, he was questioned by Jim Garrison, who concluded that Ferrie was likewise involved in the assassination of JFK. Garrison’s accusation matches reports from witnesses heard by the Select Committee on Assassinations of the US House of Representatives. These witnesses stated that in the fall of 1963 — therefore, shortly before the ambush in Dallas — Ferrie flanked Guy Banister, another associate of Clay Shaw, to help the top mafia boss Carlos Marcello fight a court case against John Kennedy’s brother, Robert Kennedy.

After the assassination of JFK, Ferrie resolutely denied he knew Oswald. This photo proves the contrary.

At this point, no less relevant is a recap of what emerged, thanks to Clay Shaw’s address books, about the man who, in turn, killed Oswald: Jack Ruby. Sized, as we know, by Garrison after Shaw’s incrimination for having taken part in the killing of JFK, these address books contained names of very interesting people. One of them was Tom Cox, whose home, at 4017-C Rawlings, Dallas, was very near to Jack Ruby’s apartment, which, in turn, was placed, as reported in the City Directory, at 3929 Rawlings. Tom Cox was an employee of Dresser Industries, and on the board of Dresser was Prescott Bush, father of a CIA director and later POTUS: George H. W. Bush. And it is precisely thanks to a March 25, 1953, letter by Prescott Bush to President Dwight Eisenhower’s national security apparatus, that we now know that the longtime Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dresser Industries, Henry Neil Mallon, a close friend of both Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles, steered prospective candidates for espionage work to the Central Intelligence Agency director and often provided cover employment to CIA operatives. Put another way, Dresser Industries, precisely like the Centro Mondiale Commerciale, was another CIA front. This circumstance explains perfectly why another employee of Dresser was Hans Gisevius, one of Allen Dulles’ most trusted agents, while Dresser’s consultant was none other than the billionaire inexplicably associated with Oswald: George de Mohrenschildt.

Now, the point is that Dresser had also, already in the 1960s, a nuclear division. [10] It is undoubtably still in the minds of many people the scaring memory of the infamous Three Mile Island accident, the most overwhelming disaster in US commercial nuclear power plant history — a partial meltdown of the second reactor of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station, in Pennsylvania, with subsequent radiation leak. The event that triggered, on March 28, 1979, this tragedy, was a valve malfunction. The manufacturer of this faulty valve was precisely Dresser. Besides, in 1998, Dresser merged with Halliburton. From 1995 to 2000, the Chairman and CEO of Halliburton was Dick Cheney, former US Secretary of Defense, and then Vice President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 under none other than George W. Bush, son of George H. W. Bush and grandson of Prescott Bush.

It would be really impossible to close this argument without remembering how the Israeli nuclear project at Dimona had found itself, at one point, in enormous trouble, since the overly optimistic hope of finding the necessary uranium directly under Israeli soil, had vanished. At the end of the 1940s, a two-year very deep geological survey had come to naught — absolutely no significant sources of uranium were found, except for minimal quantities in phosphate deposits. [11] Consequently, it was absolutely indispensable to find a foreign alternative source. In light of all this, the fact that Arie Ben-Tovim — a member of the Centro Mondiale Commerciale — just happened to have complete control of an economic empire — that of David H. Byrd — which precisely did include a whole branch based on uranium, was for sure an impressively fortunate coincidence perfect to suite that purpose.

Finally, we have to consider that Otto Skorzeny’s personal papers, now owned by Major Ralph P. Ganis, expose the existence of a relationship between David H. Byrd and the Nazi top member who, as we know, was not only, as already stated, a Mossad agent, but also a relative of Hjalmar Schacht. [12]

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